« La pensée ne doit jamais se soumettre, ni à un dogme, ni à un parti, ni à une passion, ni à un intérêt, ni à une idée préconçue, ni à quoi que ce soit, si ce n'est aux faits eux-mêmes, parce que, pour elle, se soumettre, ce serait cesser d'être. »

Henri Poincaré

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mardi 12 mars 2019

Brexit: May in final push to convince MPs to back deal | BBC 12 march 2019

Theresa May is making a final bid to save her Brexit deal ahead of a crunch Commons vote. 

Battling a sore throat after late night talks with the EU, the prime minister urged MPs to back her "improved deal" or risk "no Brexit at all". But some leading Tory Brexiteers and the DUP, who keep her government in power, have rejected the deal. They say the legal assurances secured by the PM are not enough to prevent the UK being tied permanently to the EU. 

Reaction to May deal ahead of vote Has anything changed in the Brexit deal? Brexitcast: What happened in Strasbourg? Sir Bill Cash, a leading member of the European Research Group, said: "In the light of our own legal analysis and others we do not recommend accepting the government's motion today." 

Sir Bill was part of a panel of legally-trained Brexiteer MPs who examined the PM's revised deal, concluding that it did not deliver the binding changes MPs had demanded. ERG chairman Jacob Rees-Mogg said he had not yet decided which way to vote. The DUP said in a statement that "sufficient progress has not been achieved at this time".

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