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Henri Poincaré

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jeudi 14 décembre 2017

Why did UK nuclear deal get green light ?

Nuclear Power in the United Kingdom (Updated December 2017) | http://www.world-nuclear.org/information-library/country-profiles/countries-t-z/united-kingdom.aspx

The UK has 15 reactors generating about 21% of its electricity but almost half of this capacity is to be retired by 2025.
The country has full fuel cycle facilities including major reprocessing plants.
The UK has implemented a very thorough assessment process for new reactor designs and their siting.
The UK has privatized power generation and liberalized its electricity market, which together make major capital investments problematic.
The first of some 19 GWe of new-generation plants is expected to be on line by 2025. The government aims to have 16 GWe of new nuclear capacity operating by 2030, with no restriction on foreign equity.
Two of the three major projects involved in new nuclear build has a reactor vendor involved - with 60% and 100% of equity respectively.

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